Tradition of Playing Cards on Diwali

India is country with different castes and each caste have lots and lots of festivals and when it comes to festivals there are many traditions associated with each and every festival.

Similarly Diwali is supposed to on of the most important festival of India. This festival is celebrated for five days.

Tradition relating to Diwali the “festival of lights” are lighting, Lakshmi Puja, bursting crackers, preparing delicious food, drawing rangolis and so on.

Playing Cards on Diwali

Apart from these there is another important and year old tradition associated with 5 days festival Diwali and that is playing cards. Playing cards on this day also holds immense significance for those believers of the concerning legend. Friends and relatives are invited over to play cards whereas casinos and gambling centers witness a huge jump in their business during the festive week of Diwali.

Irrespective of the beliefs and dogma, playing cards remains one of the vital elements of Diwali celebrations, at least for many. People play ‘Flush’ and ‘Rummy’ games with stakes to follow the legend, though many plunge into the field due to sheer greed. Interestingly, the tradition of playing cards has gained social sanction over the years.

Legends gives lots of important of playing cards during festival of Diwali. A few are mentioned below:

  • As per the legends many believe that playing cards on these days invoke the blessings of goddess of wealth.
  • For many, the game of cards is the ultimate path to seek the smile of the goddess of wealth to become wealthy and prosperous in the ensuing year.
  • As per the legend, Goddess Parvati played the game of dice on this day with her husband Lord Shiva; her urging people to gamble on the Diwali night for prosperity all through the ensuing year got many hooked up to this tradition.
  • In fact, the whole nature of this festival remains focused on wealth, and thus, playing cards had to be the natural consequence.
  • A popular saying goes, ‘Not gambling on this night would make people take a rebirth in the form of a donkey’!

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