Mahavir Nirvan Diwas 2018 SMS, Text Messages & Wishes

Mahavira Nirvan Diwas also known as Mahavir’s Nirvan Kalyanak Divas commemorates the day on which Lord Mahavira, the 24th and last Jain Teerthankar attained the soulfull bliss of Nirvana.

Mahavir Nirvan Diwas

Mahavir Nirvan Diwas is celebrated on the amavasya of the Ashwin month of Hindu calendar, hence coincides with Diwali day.

On the dawn of Ashwin amavasya Lord Mahavir attained his nirwan in 527 B.C. Bhagavan Mahavira discarded the body and the bondage of all Karmas on that night of Diwali, at Pavapuri and attained Mukti or deliverance.

On this day many Jains visit Jain temples in the city on the occasion. You can also send these Mahavir Nirvana Diwas Messages to all and spread preaching of Lord Mahavira.

Mahavir Nirvan Diwas 2018 SMS, Text Messages & Wishes :

May the teaching of Lord Mahavira
inspire you …
on Mahavir Nirvan Diwas
and Always …

Mangalam Bhagwan Viro,
Mangalam Gautam Prabhu,
Mangalam Sthuli Bhadra Dhyai
Jain Dharmo Sthu Mangalam

Happy Mahavira Nirvan Diwas to all…

May Lord Mahavira
fulfills all dreams
and blesses you
with peace and happiness !!!

On the auspicious occasion of
Mahavir Nirvan Day 2018
May your life be illuminated
with the divine grace of Lord Mahavira..

Happy Mahavira Nirvan Day

May the holy words show you …
the path of never ending happiness …

Happy Mahavira Nirvan Day 2018 Wishes

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