Lord Kuber on Diwali – Kuber Poojan

Lord Kuber is believed to be the God’s treasurer who is in charge of all of God’s wealth. The path to achieve wealth opens up and the person gets a lot of opportunities to fulfill his materialistic desires. Kubera Puja is performed during Diwali Lakshmi Puja in some regions by some Hindu communities.

Kuber Lakshmi Puja

Worshipping Lord Kuber makes a person rich, wealthy and prosperous. Therefore Kubera Puja is also performed along with Goddess Lakshmi Puja on Diwali day. As per the belief, this pooja will relive us from debts and increases our income and inflow of money.

This is a very auspicious pooja to be performed especially on every Deepavali. We can also perform this pooja on every tuesday & friday. People who are planning to start business, should plan to perform this pooja before starting the venture which will help them expand their profits and wealth.

On Diwali evening, we people chant Kubera Mantra and Kubera Gayathri. Chanting the slokas will help devotess to get blessings from the Lord Kubera. Devotees can buy the lakshmi kubera photo from the shop and chant the above mantras along with 108 ashtothram on this auspicious day. For chanting ashtothram please use flowers to perform the pooja and finally we can conclude the pooja with 1 cup of milk with sugar for neivedhyam. Married brahmin women should wear the madisaar (9 yards saree) saree while performing the pooja.

Kuber Puja Vidhi - How to do Kuber Puja on Diwali Festival for Wealth, Prosperity With Laxmi Puja

Lord Kuber Yantra will enable people to gain amazing prosperity and good times in their life. Below are a few Viniyoga, Meditation and Kuber Mantra chanting which can help you with fortune and is known to eliminate poverty of his devotees and provide them wealthy and prosperous life.

  • “Om Asya Kuber Mantrasya Vishrya Rishi Brihti Chand Shivmitra Dhaneshwar Devta Daridreya Vinashane Purnasmridhi Sidhyartha Jape Viniyoga”
  • Om Manujabahuviman Var Sthitham Garudartnabhim Nidhinayakam |
    Vivsakhem Mukutadibhushitam Vargade Dadhtam Bhaj Tundilam ||
  • Om Yakshaya Kuberaya Vaishranvaya Dhandhanyadipataye Dhandhanyasamridhi Me Dehi Dehi Dapaya Dapaya Swaha | Om Shreem Om Hreem Shree Hreem Kalim Vitteshwaraya Namah Swaha |

 Diwali Kuber Poojan Video :

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