Diwali Torans – Door Hangings Decoration Ideas

Diwali Torans

People clean and decorate their homes for the festival of Diwali.

To welcome Goddess Lakshmi and guests, people decorate the entrance of their homes by making colorful Rangoli’s outside their doors and they also hang beautiful Diwali Torans – Door Hangings on their doors.

Toran or a door hanging is a symbolic string traditionally intertwined with mango tree leaves and is generally hung on the entrance door to ward off evil.

In India, torans are a regular feature during every festivals and they are made of various decorative items to enhance the look of the house.

Diwali torans can be made of real flowers and leaves or they can be made of artificial flowers, beads, bells, glass and cloth.

Please find below some nice photos of Diwali Door Hangings / Toran’s which will help you in deciding which type of door handing will suite your door and room decor.

Diwali Torans – Door Hangings Decoration Ideas :

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