Diwali Rangoli Design Patterns

Diwali known as “the festival of light” is also highlighted with colors also. On this day people wear different colorful clothes, make and distribute colorful sweets and decorate their house with colorful lights and Rangoli.

‘Rangoli’ is a Sanskrit word “rang” (color) + “aavalli” (row of colors) – which means a creative expression of art by using different color materials on the floor. Diwali is one such festival, when a Rangoli is drawn to welcome Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of wealth). It is very popular in most of the Indian states. Rangoli making is a very easy art based on one’s skill.

Rangoli has different names from state to state and these different names are Rangoli, Muggu or Muggulu, Puvidal, Kolam, Sathiya, Mandana, Chaukpurna or Chowkpurana, Alpana and Aripana.

Rangoli can be a very simple pattern drawn using only the white color and it can be made more colorful by using various color Rangoli or flower petals. Rangoli designs can be as simple as geometric shapes, deity impressions and flower and petal shapes.

Basically there are mainly 4 ways of making Rangoli designs – by drawing the dots/grids and then joining them together to form shapes, Free Hand Rangoli, Rangoli using Stencils, Ready Rangoli Stickers. These Rangoli can be made by using different materials, Rangoli Colors, Marbel Dust, Colored Rice or rice powder, Chalk powder, Pulses, Flower Petals, Leaves, Colored Stones and Colored Semolina Flour /Cream of Wheat and Colored Sand. One can also draw Rangoli on water.

So try out a few different style of rangoli for this Diwali.

Diwali Rangoli Design Patterns :

Happy Diwali 2019 …!

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