Diwali Decorations : How to decorate your house this Diwali

Diwali is one of the most important, most awaited, most celebrated festival of India which is celebrated by each and every Indian living all round the world in its own best possible manner.

Diwali Decoration

Diwali has many legends associated with it; almost all of them depict the victory of good over evil. The most significant belief associated with Diwali is that it is on this day that Goddess Lakshmi appeared while devas and asuras churned the Ocean of milk. It is also believed that Goddess Lakshmi visits every household on this auspicious day.

This the reason why people clean, and decorate their houses for “the five days festival of lights” – Diwali. Preparations start much ahead of the occasion. This festival of sweets, fire crackers, lights and decoration gives beautiful grace to our homes.Its not only our home but on this day even the streets and markets are decorated with many lights.

Now, when it comes to decorations of houses there is long, very long list of decorative items with the help for which one can easy decorate to embellish his/her house. These decorative material is very easily available in the market and those who are more creative and wish to save money on can easy make a few decorative at home as well. We are here witha few Diwali decoratives ideas with which you can decorate your house and get the feel of Diwali at its best.

Lamps - Diya

Lamps (Diya) : To begin with is Divas, the other name for Diwali is Deepawali or `Deepon ki aavali` which means exhibition of lights. Diyas are mandatory and Diwali celebrations are unimaginable without diyas. Earthen diyas come in various shapes and sizes. But earthen diyas are incomparable. You can paint these diyas in various colours of your choice to add that personal touch to festive decoration. Nowadays, there are designer diyas made of metals that are beautifully decorated.


Candles : Candles can be a substitute for divas. Infact these days there a big varity of Candles available in the market, like Floating Candles, Candles with Holder, beautiful Candle of different shape, size and colors.

Lanterns - 'AakashKandil'

Lanterns – ‘AakashKandil’ : Lanterns made of kite paper complete your Diwali decoration to the perfect T. These are cheaply available and add grandeur to your house. Instead of buying those Chinese lanterns with dragons printed on them, go for more traditional ones that will compliment your toran and your diyas. Hanging them in the balcony will not only grab eyeballs but also add to the beautification of your home.

Diwali electric Lighting

Flicker Lighting : Light decorations are the very soul of Diwali. It not called the festival of lights just like that. But as times change so do our customs. It is very common place to decorate with electric light bulbs and fancy and special Diwali lights these days.

Diwali rangoli

Rangoli : Putting an elaborate Rangoli with vibrant colours at the threshold of your house will bring in prosperity as it’s the best way to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. Rangolis not only look beautiful but they also bring in good luck and wealth. You can place diyas around and at the center of the rangoli to enhance its appeal. You can use rice flour, pulses, rose and leaves to make rangoli.

Wall and Door hangings - Torans

Wall and Door hangings – Torans : Toran is a symbolic string traditionally intertwined with mango tree leaves and is generally hung on the entrance door to ward off evil. Torans made of flowers, beads, bells, glass and cloth can be used as a gesture to welcome Goddess Laksmi on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Wall hangings will help you balance your decoration for Diwali by making your walls look attractive. There are a variety of traditional wall hangings available in the market. You could either go for terracotta or cloth wall hangings. Handicrafts made of cane and bamboo shoots can also make brilliant wall hanging items.

Diwali Flower decoration

Flower decoration – A bunch of united flowers in the bouquet gives the impression of being new and fresh.You can use floating candles together with flowers in your living room.

Furniture decor and interior – Even if you are not interested in buying new furniture just place your furniture differently. This will give complete new look to your home but would be comparatively expensive affair.

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