Diwali Abhyang Snan – Ritual Holy Bath on Narak Chaturthi

The ‘Abhyanga Snan’ is an important ritual that is observed during the Diwali festival. It is a body massage and a ritual bathing on the Narak Chaturdashi day during the Diwali festival.

Abhyang Snan

In context to some regions, the Abhyanga Snan takes place before the sunrise. Most of the people wake up early in the morning, massage their body and head with the oil.Then the Utane i.e. the natural scrub contains ingredients like chandan (sandalwood), kapoor (camphor), manjistha, rose petals extracts, orange skin and haldi (turmeric) is usually applied instead of the soap.

Some people would prefer the Snan on Diwali and the following two days. This kind of the ritual bath is considered as the traditional cleansing and also rejuvenating. This ritual is more popular in Maharashtra and also the adjoining areas. Most of the people follow this ritual for about three days. Its main purpose is to ensure good health.

The main purpose is to clean the body, helps in the blood circulation and aromas used usually calms the mind. This helps to erase all the problems and have the calming effect on the mind. The holy bath on the first day of the Diwali is considered as sacred. Most of the experts also advice to perform this ritual as it has got many benefits. It also helps to reduce the stress levels and is highly beneficial.

Procedure of Abhyang Snan :

  • Wake up before sunrise on this auspicious day
  • Massage your entire body with a scented oil
  • Let the oil get absorbed in the body for about half an hour.
  • While bathing first apply uptan/utane/utnah. Thoroughly massage your body with this natural scrub. Rinse with water.
  • Have a regular bath with the use of scented soaps. Soap with rose or sandalwood aromas are mainly used while bathing on this day. You can make use of any scented soaps.
  • Wear your new clothes. People who follow traditional procedure prefer to wear traditional clothes on this day like sari, lehengas, churidar kurta, and salwar kameez.

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