Dhanteras 2016 Puja Muhurats, Choghadiya & Timings

Dhanteras is the first of the five day Diwali celebrations. The celebrations of Dhanteras and its significance differs in different parts of the country.

Dhanteras Muhurats

In the North India, Dhanteras is celebrated with full faith and enthusiasm on Trayodashi of Kartik Krishna Paksha.

Apart from Dev Dhanvantri, Goddess Lakshmi and God Kuber are worshipped on this day. Yam Dev is also offered Deep Dan on this day. it is believed, worshipping Yam Dev on this day cancel any premature death. After worshipping Yam Dev, a lamp should be lit on the entrance door facing the south direction for the whole night. Few coins and kodi are put in this lamp.

Please find below details about Dhanteras 2016 Puja Muhurats, Choghadiya & Timings so that you can perform all your puja’s in the most auspicious time of the day.

Dhanteras 2016 Muhurats, Choghadiya & Timings

Dhanteras 2016 Muhurats, Choghadiya & Timings :

Dhanteras Puja Muhurta = 19:12 hrs to 20:35 hrs IST
Pradosh Kaal = 18:04 hrs to 20:35 hrs IST
Vrishabha Kaal = 19:12 hrs to 21:12 hrs IST

28th October 2016 – Dhanteras Day Choghadiya:

06:40 to 08:06 hrs IST – Shubh
08:06 to 09:31 hrs IST – Rog
09:31 to 10:57 hrs IST – Udveg
10:57 to 12:22 hrs IST – Char
12:22 to 13:48 hrs IST – Labh
13:48 to 15:13 hrs IST – Amrit
15:13 to 16:39 hrs IST – Kaal
16:39 to 18:04 hrs IST – Shubh

28th October 2016 – Dhanteras Night Choghadiya:

18:04 to 19:39 hrs IST – Amrit
19:39 to 21:13 hrs IST – Char
21:13 to 22:48 hrs IST – Rog
22:48 to 24:22+ hrs IST – Kaal
24:22+ to 25:57+ hrs IST – Labh
25:57+ to 27:32+ hrs IST – Udveg
27:32+ to 29:06+ hrs IST – Shubh
29:06+ to 30:41+ hrs IST – Amrit

Note : All Times mentioned above are in Indian Standard Times (IST). Amrit, Shubh, Labh and Chal are considered to be auspicious to start anywork. Choghadiya, Rog, Kaal and Udveg are considered to be bad Choghadiya, hence should be avoided.

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