Bhai Dooj 2016 WhatsApp Messages

Bhai Dooj or Bhau Beej is the fifth and the last day of the 5 day Diwali festival.

It is a day dedicated to the relationship between a brother and a sister, something similar to the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

In 2016,  Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on Tuesday, 1st November 2016.

I am sure you might be searching for Bhai Dooj 2016 WhatsApp Messages to wish Happy Bhai Dooj 2016 to all your brothers and sisters.

Below we have a collection of latest Bhai Dooj 2016 WhatsApp Messages which you can send to everyone for free during this festive occasion.

Bhai Dooj 2016 WhatsApp Messages :

Bhai Dooj 2016 WhatsApp greetings

Like the love of Lord Krishna for his sister Subhadra,
all brother should love their sister and
like the blessings of Subhadra for his brother Krishna,
all sisters should always pray for their Brothers.
Happy Bhai Dooj 2016.

To the outside world we all grow old,
but we know each other as we always were.
We know each other’s heart.
We live outside the touch of time.
Happy Bhai Dooj 2016

Bhai Dooj 2016 WhatsApp greeting

Rasmalaai? Nope!
Gulab jaman? Nah!
Let me c.. How bout jalebi? Hmm… Nope!
Still cant find anything as sweet as U.
Happy Bhai Dooj..!!!

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